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Staying On Path — Literally

While running out at Percy on Saturday, I had the privilege of running with a group that has run thousands of miles out on those trails over many years. As we ran, Phil, Jeff, and Theresa kept pointing out how different the trails look compared to when they were first built. Anyone who’s run on the white trail in the past 6 months knows what a mess certain areas are. On both the white and red trails, what used to be single track is now double track and, and in some areas, is wide enough to drive a car through. From this discussion, we started really paying attention to the trail as we ran. Sure enough, you could see the original barriers  . . . and the expanded trail which had been made around them. When the trails were built, these barriers were strategically placed to prevent erosion, protect vegetation, keep soil on the trail but have been basically rendered useless. In countless areas, we saw paths that had been “constructed” around trees or roots or muddy areas.

Obviously, over the years and with increased foot traffic, there’s going to be a little widening of the trail, but this is extreme. So what’s caused this? Go out whenever it’s rained or is muddy, and you’ll find your answer. Hikers and runners who don’t want to run through puddles or mud will circumvent the actual trail to avoid getting their shoes dirty. Granted, with the widening of the trails, it’s a little hard to tell where the original trail actually is, BUT if you’re stepping on vegetation — that ain’t it. If you don’t want to get muddy or dirty, it’s cool; stick to the roads. If you want to run trails, however, you have a responsibility to be a good steward of them. Take care of the trails that take care of you. Pay attention, and stay on path, even if it means you may have to wash your shoes.

Good Week of Running

Well, it’s one week from the Boston Marathon. Apparently, that means I should be doing certain things like packing, tapering, thinking about the race. I definitely haven’t started packing, I began tapering slightly this past weekend, and I think about it every now and then when I actually remember I’m racing. Obviously, I’m #Blessed to be able to go, but Boston is definitely not the “A race” of my life or even my year. That being said, I don’t want to completely embarrass myself or the NRC race team. So maybe I’ll try to do everything right this week.

Last week was a pretty solid week of training and running. Mondays have turned into lifting days with Big Swole and climbing with Bree and Marie. Who knew activities outside of running could be so fun? Tuesdays, as always are Trail Tuesdays, but I also added in a mile repeat workout down at the Airpark beforehand. I love our RunWILD Tuesday Night Trails, but ever since we started them, these runs have always felt labored. They’re always fun but difficult even when we weren’t pushing the pace. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a night run, and fatigue from the day has just set in or what. Anyway, this Tuesday night felt awesome. I felt like I could have run for hours. Maybe I’m getting stronger. OR maybe it was the stimulating trail conversation and anatomy lesson. One example of this . . . according to “Dr.” Phil Zimmerman, the reason you have so much mucus/phlegm during a run is that your joints need lubrication while running but when there’s excess lubrication, it drips out of your nose. He should definitely work on publishing this theory. This trail run was also epic because two of our RunWILDers got engaged on the red trail. AH! Congrats, Meg & Sam! We celebrated over big ass beers at Cancun.

Wednesday, Yong and I hit the 11.2 at PW. I hadn’t run this since the Fall and had forgotten how much it hurt. I was thankful to run with him– he kept me honest on pace and distance. I had planned to run East Nasty that night to get a few more miles in, but our furniture was slated to be delivered between 6pm-10pm. While I hated to miss the run, I am pleased to say I’m no longer using lawn furniture in the living room.

Thursdays are RunWEST days. I had a great run with Adrienne and Tara. We did our normal loop through the park. My legs were a little tired from the previous day’s trek through Monkeyville, but I love this morning run. Later that day, I hiked the Bells Bend 6 miler course and marked it for Sunday’s race. The evening RunWEST group did some exploring through Belle Meade neighborhoods and found a really great route that we’ll start incorporating. Friday, I had planned to do around 5-6 miles, but Jobie messaged me that he and Jeff were headed out for a long run that night. I couldn’t pass up Red, White, Blu x 2 at night. So, at around 8pm, we took off. My legs felt fine for most of the run, but for some reason on our second loop, my feet started huuuurting. The good company and wildlife spotting (basically rabbits and a cool owl) kept me going. It was after midnight when we finished, but I was so happy to have done it.

I decided to take Saturday off from running. NRC had a booth at the Bells Bend Outdoor Festival & Expo from 9am-3pm, and by the time I was done working that, I was tired from the night before and still needed to do stuff for the race.

Bells Bend Outdoor Festival & Expo

Bells Bend Outdoor Festival & Expo

My feet and ankle were still hurting as well so I think it worked out that I really didn’t have time to run. Sunday was the RunWILD Bells Bend 6 miler. It turned out to be a beautiful day of racing. 100 racers finished, and it went off without too many hitches. After the race, Lee and I ran a loop at Beaman (I guess it was his charity run for the week). I felt great for most of the run but got my ass handed to me on the last half mile back to the nature center. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful, hot run.

I think the week was a good week for going into Boston while also trying to keep up miles and workouts for June. It was definitely an enjoyable week of running which should be the ultimate goal.

Sorry for the lack of inspiration and gifs.

Week Recap:

Monday: 4 miles; Swole Session

Tuesday: 1.5 miles w/ the pups; 3 mi WU, 4 x 1 mile w/ 400 m recovery; Red trail

Wednesday: 11.2 with Yong

Thursday: RunWEST am; run w/ pups; RunWEST pm

Friday: RWB x 2 (4:08)

Saturday: rest day

Sunday: 6 miles