I’m a trail running nerd who, aside from running trails, loves to read all about trail running and fantasize about living out west on the trails. I have been running since I was in first grade but only recently have I fallen so deeply in love with it. This has everything to do with finding the trails. There is something so calming and cleansing about them– and they allow you to feel like a kid again. I also love seeing others fall in love with the trails which is why I love helping with the RunWild group. I’m fortunate enough to race on the Nashville Running Company Race Team, as well as act as the Race Director for all of NRC’s races.

I’m obsessed with my best friend, Gypsy. She’s been in my life over 7 years and can’t imagine a day without her. She’s the most neurotic, paranoid, hilarious, and sweet puppy in the entire world


2 responses to “ABOUT

  1. What book would you recommend for someone just getting into ultra running?

    Steve Tise
    Katy, TX
    Lead Runner Coach Gotta Run

    • I love Relentless, Forward Progress. I think it’s definitely one of those Rite of Passage readings for any ultra runner. Hal Koerner’s Field Guide is also really great!

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