Top 30 Reasons Joy Travis is the Best Friend Ever

Everyone knows of David Letterman’s Top 10. Well, my best friend of 11 years, Joy Travis, turns 30 TOMORROW, August 1. In her honor, this is my top 30 of why she’s my bestest friend ever.

30.  We can go years or months without seeing each other and pick up exactly where we left off (albeit a little older and only slightly wiser) *fortunately, we no longer have to go years without seeing each other’s face.

29. She can rock Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” in karaoke like nobody’s business. Seriously, she was bought MULTIPLE shots for her performance in NOLA.

28. Speaking of NOLA, she’ll stay out on Bourbon Street until after 6am and then completely rally to be the best Maid of Honor/only Bridesmaid ever.

27. She completely understands my love of DMB and the Boss.


26. She’ll fly across country, schlep up to Jersey, spend an eternity converting a sunscreen bottle into a flask, and party her heart out at DMB caravan. To this day, it’s one of the best weekends of my life.

25. She knows the importance of “MAYDAY!”

24. She knows when to hide the Jack Daniels . . . and then where to find it months later.

23. She has your back when the woman at the Arby’s drive thru window tries to get sassy with you.

22. She was the co-creator of the short-lived game, Tot-zar.

21. She understands the importance of keeping a running “shit list” and how even the smallest of things can warrant placing someone on there. We’re still looking at you, girl in the library circa 2005.

20. We can have complete and coherent conversations using only lines from HIMYM (Because we’re awesome).


19. She doesn’t judge you when you eat an entire tuna casserole by yourself . . . straight from the casserole dish.

18. She knows the correct pronunciation of “mozzarella” and “facebook”.

17. When you decide to leave your job in Florida and move back to Nashville, she’ll help you pack and then drive your car the entire 11 hours for you.

16. When you move back to Nashville and have nowhere to live, she lets you move in with her. And her mom makes you vegetable stew to take to work every day.

15. She drives an hour to come pick you and your dog up from a gas station after you’ve been in a wreck, totaled your car, and the cop just drops you off there.

14. She knows that, sometimes, if you turn your head really fast, you can see Abercrombie models in concert lights.

13. She understands that “Whiter Shade of Pale”  can sometimes be confused as “Tears in Heaven”.

12. She doesn’t flip out on  you when you decide to dye your hair in the shared bathroom and you (naturally) get the dye everywhere.


11. She thinks taking pool balls from a fraternity party is hilarious . . . and she’s right.

10. She knows the importance of putting your “happy face.”

9. She understands the Mexican food and Dr. Pepper are the PERFECT Sunday food.

8. She gets that pizza and wine can fix just about anything.

7. She takes care of my girls at the drop of a hat anytime I ask her to.

6. In fact, she’s one of the few people in Gypsy’s “inner circle”

5. She indulges my existential, 1/3 life crises without judgement and with total understanding.

4. She’s put up with my crazy and my flakiness for 11 effing years.

3. Her texts help me get through life most days.

Himym (1)

2. She passes the front porch test with flying colors.

1. She’s my person.

my person

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