Embrace the Suck

Every now and then I get in a funk . . . and not the Uptown Funk that sexy ass Bruno Mars sings about. I’ll have a week or two of just feeling “blah”. I think (hope) that’s pretty normal for most people. I’ll also occasionally go through a short period of what I call “going to Arizona” (named this because when I got overwhelmed as a college freshman — I know, it makes me sick to write that sentence. I’d kill to be “overwhelmed” like that again — I sincerely contemplated just packing up and driving to Arizona. Anyone who knows me, though, can appreciate the hilarity of this because I can’t read a map and would never have made it out of Alabama). Anyway, the week before Strolling Jim, I was having a going to Arizona moment, a mini-almost-third life crisis if you will. On top of trying to figure out my life, everyone and everything was making my blood boil. So needless to say, it was a super fun week.

If you read my blog or talked to me since Strolling Jim, then you know that it was a complete suffer fest. Half of the race just flat out sucked. It took absolutely everything I had to finish that race. But, miraculously, after the race was over, I was completely free of my terrible mood and existential crisis. This wasn’t simply because of some exercise-induced endorphin release– I’m pretty sure my body was devoid of any endorphins after mile 18. I felt better because I had just suffered my ass off. The race took everything out of me; it forced me to dispose of every thing and every thought that I didn’t need in order to make it across that finish line. I was in pure survival mode — if it didn’t have to do with food, water, and shelter from the sun, I didn’t have the time or energy to worry about it. I left all of my baggage and issues out on that course to rot in the hot Tennessee sun . . . just like the 12 dead animals we saw along the race course. This time, it wasn’t the joy of running or first place or even the camaraderie at the race (though that was amazing) that made me feel better. It was the suck, the suffering, the absolute misery that I felt during part of that race that stripped me down and built me anew. So don’t shy away from suffering, and embrace the suck; not only can it help you grow as a runner, it can provide you with exactly what you need as a person.

Week Recap:

Monday: 2 easy miles — legs felt like garbage (Plus I had to get to a meeting about upcoming RunWILD training – STAY TUNED!!!)

Tuesday: Red trail with Phil; Red trail with RunWILD Tuesday Night Trails

Wednesday: East Nasty (5 miles)

Thursday: RunWEST am & pm

Friday: 5 easy miles

Saturday: RWB + RW with Yong, Lindsay, and Jobie. Welcome back, heat and humidity!

Sunday: 8.5 miles on Shelby trails

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